Session 1 - 9 Recap

As we are now approaching our ninth session, I thought it might be fun to recap what has happened so far!

A week before the summer solstice, in the large village of Arevat Creek, four adventurers – Flute and Lute Reyrmor, Voshnak Murkblood, and Lethe SIlifrey – found themselves answering the same call. A local Vendor, by the name of Larrius Eihart, wanted to hire some folk to go and take of a bandit problem on the main road; the guards were too busy preparing for an imminent visit from the King. The four of them decided to check it out, and found themselves stumbling into a nest of men who seemed evasive at best as to their true purpose. Finding a few clues about their strange purpose, they returned to Arevat Creek and to Larrius for their payment, only to discover that whoever had given them the original job had been an imposter.

The four went onwards to the mayor’s house, where they had been told they might find the real Larrius – and indeed they did, very bemused at the story they told him. He revealed that the Mayor and his young daughter had gone missing in mysterious circumstances, and asked the 4 if they would go and search for any clues that might tie the two events together while he alerted the guards to what was going on. Just as he left, you witnessed a hooded figure coming down the stairs who, upon seeing the four of you, vanished into thin air, leaving a ring behind.

In the mayor’s office you found a few clues, but nothing substantial beyond a letter from the mayor’s brother Julian and no obvious signs of a struggle. You all decided that after such a long day you could do no more, and went to one of the local inns, where you bonded a little over food and arm-wrestling.

They also discovered that the young bartender was potentially involved in something strange, and questioned him the next day, at which point he revealed he had been the go between for whatever package the bandits had delivered and the hooded figure had picked up. Their main mission now, though, as requested by Larrius? To go and find the mayor’s brother, and tell him all that had happened.

They left later that morning, spending one night on the road and fending off a pack of wolves in the process, before arriving late the next day in the village of Pattermoor, which was apparently deserted. Not so, it turned out – the four adventurers found what appeared to be the entire populace of the village in the local Peloran Temple, still as statues and staring into nothingness.

Luckily, it seemed Julian La Bellos had not been affected, and he welcomed them into his home, professing profound distress at his brother’s disappearance and the state of his village. However, when he did not return from a seemingly mundane trip to the kitchen to fetch the four adventurers some food, they grew suspicious and discovered both a corpse and a hidden hole in the floor of the servant’s quarters.

Turning the house upside down, the four found the artifact that had started this all – a mirror, that imprisoned the body and soul of anybody that could not resist what they saw in it’s surface. Both Lute and Flute succumbed to this fate, and it was left to Voshnak and Lethe to try and work out what to do – their chosen solution, to break the mirror into pieces.

This didn’t only free their companions, but also the mayor and his daughter, who were extremely confused as to their current circumstances. After some discussion and another night’s rest, the party sent the mayor and his daughter back towards Arevat Creek and descended into the hole within the servant’s quarters.

Inside, they found the remains of an ancient elven temple, dedicated to a Goddess that none of them had ever heard of, called Aykasendi. Running into traps and ghosts on their way through, they eventually came to a central chamber, where a half-elf named Tiro was both holding Julian hostage and attempting to open a dark portal of some kind, which the party handily stopped.

Before killing himself with a gruesome spell, Tiro revealed he worked for someone named Ellanda, and that the villagers could be restored using the orb. Julian, meanwhile, attempted to profess that he’d had no knowledge of these dark dealings and had simply stretched too far in searching for a “non-violent” way to remove his brother from his powerful position.

Flute smashed the orb on the ground of the temple, which released the souls that had been trapped inside of it and returned all the villagers to their faculties. The party spent a pleasant evening in Pattermoor, before setting out the next day with Julian in tow. No wolves attacked them this time, although Flute found herself subject to several uncomfortable dreams.

Upon arriving back in Arevat Creek, the party delivered Julian to the care of his brother and went to receive their payment from Larrius. The twins also went to visit Connie, the charismatic provider of sparkly and beautiful goods, to ask for her help in various matters, including the identification of a token they had found upon Tiro. After another meeting with the Mayor, in which they learned that Julian was attempting to pin everything on them – not that it succeeded – they received a gift of a cloak and of a night in the nicest inn in town.

That night, they were awoken by a band of shadows attacking Connie’s caravan, which they destroyed with her help. A second monster appeared to harry them but was also defeated handily, although not before devouring a terrified villager in it’s path. In the aftermath they discovered that the token they’d found had been enchanted with some kind of divination magic, which had acted as something of a beacon in this situation.

The Mayor, upon learning this, hired the party to go to Rijata and find out as much as they could about this darkness, both because he genuinely wanted them to do so and because he wanted them out of his small village for the time being. They also received a request from Connie to check in on one of her allies in the city, as she hadn’t heard from them in several weeks.

The next day they set out, and spent the two day trip catching their breath and getting to know each other a little better. A night at a roadside inn was spent pleasantly before they arrived in the Golden City of Rijata, the capital of the Kingdom and by far the largest city on the continent.

The party first went and tracked down Connie’s Ally, a dwarf named Elsie, who told them that the local Thieves and Information guild The Crossed Palms had recently been calling in debts and tightening their grip on outstanding payments due to a customer who had slighted them.

Voshnak and Lethe decided to follow up on this lead, gaining access to the underground city that made up the Crossed Palms base of operations. There they were lead to a small room, where they faced battle with an enchanted carpet. That dispatched, they met Emberly, head of security for the guild. She told them that a customer, named Ellanda, had indeed lied to them, trading a false enchanted item for information. While the guild had a policy of not chasing people all across the kingdom, they were more than happy to supple Voshnak and Lute with all the information they needed to follow some leads within the city.

Afterwards they met up with Lethe and Flute, who had been following up a lead with the Northern Elvish Ambassador. There they had learnt that Ellanda had grown up with the Northern Elves and had travelled with the diplomatic delegation some time ago in order to attend the university. He also seemed to know something about Aykasendi, but did not offer information even when pressed, to their frustration.

The party spent the night at Lethe’s diplomatic abode, and set out the next day to check out the library and the location the Crossed Palms had provided as Ellanda’s residence. In the Sun Spire they discovered a little of both Aykasendi and Shadowfell, the realm that Tiro’s portal seemed to have been going to, and also came across mention again of a “Mynoghra”, whom Lethe knew vaguely to be an ancient elder being said to have created Shadowfell in the first place.

Following some shenanigans, the party took a brief detour to the university, where they discovered that Tiro – and another student named Eloise – had also been students there, and that Ellanda had been kicked out after six months for breaking a number of rules. They then headed to Ellanda’s house, which was warded with some kind of magic and contained within a hidden portal to a place unknown, as well as a book indicating that the cult Ellanda had been gathering were going to attempt to open a “Gate” of some kind.

Descending through the ruins of a building that seemed to have some kind of royal and sacrificial significance, the four each experienced a dreadful nightmare, in which a beautiful voice spoke to them. Upon waking they descended further, finding clues of both ancient happenings and signs that this place had perhaps had some more recent use as well, as well as encountering a hair-raising magical trap and then, finally, Ellanda herself.

A battle ensued, in which Ellanda, her risen zombies and her colleague Eloise were all defeated – but not before Ellanda managed to call on the aid of her patron to nearly kill Voshnak, and not before Lethe was knocked unconscious by one of her zombies.

Thus defeated, the party spent some time destroying the remains of all involved, fearing another rolling flesh monster situation, and desecrated the large central painting and chamber. They found a lever that granted them access to a long spiral staircase that would take them upwards to the surface, climbing it with ease until they began to meet the resistance of the swamp it had apparently been beneath. Emerging into the sunlight muddy, bloody and hurt, the party quickly realised they had been transported nearly 800 miles from Rijata to a small village on the south coast named Mirrorcrest.

Successfully talking around the locals – surprisingly using the masterful charisma skills of the half-orc – the party spent the night in Mirrorcrest, trying to decide what they wanted to do. Their decision, the next day? Return through the Ruined temple and go back through the painting, rather than attempt to walk the 800 miles to Rijata over land, or to spend a week on the road to take a boat.

Day 1: Bandits, potato quest, Connie.
Night one
Day 2: New mission, travelling, wolves.
Night 2
Day 3: Travelling, Scarecrow, Temple.
Night 3
Day 4: Aykasendi, Tiro, Creepy portals.
Night 4.
Day 5: Travel, Invention of the RV, Flute’s bad dreams.
Night 5
Day 6: Return to Arevat Creek, Meetings, Connie again
Night 6
Day 7: Aftermath of Shadows, New missions, travelling
Night 7
Day 8: Arrival in Rijata, Thieves, and Tiny bathrobes.
Night 8
Day 9: Scary doors, Scarier Paintings, and the Scariest Pit.
Night 9
Day 10: Bad dreams, Bad times, Pit of Skeletons.
Night 10
Day 11: Waking up in Mirrorcrest

Session 1 - 9 Recap

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